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Zeta Nu Lambda Chapter, of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., was established in Plainfield, New Jersey, on March 2, 1956, when Bro. Forrester A. Lee, former executive Secretary of the Plainfield YMCA came to the community. Through correspondence with the General Organization, Bro. Lee provided the impetus for the establishment of a local chapter. At the first meeting of Zeta Nu Lambda Chapter, held at the home of Bro. Junius T. Langston, Bro. John S. Miller Jr. was elected President, and Bro. Forrester A. Lee, Secretary. Under Bro. Miller's leadership and guidance, the chapter thrived. Scholarships were granted to promising high school graduates and a series of annual community breakfasts were held at the Park Hotel. These breakfast projects stressed the themes: "Go to High School, Go to College" and "A Voteless People is a Hopeless People". The height of these meetings was achieved when Attorney Frederick Morrow, a White House aide under President Eisenhower, and the late Bro. Whitney M. Young, Jr., Executive Secretary of the National Urban League, gave consecutive annual addresses.

The charter members of Zeta Nu Lambda are as follows:

  • Walter B. Armour

  • Thomas W. Barnette

  • Charles T. Carter

  • Junius T. Langston

  • Forester A. Lee

  • John S. Miller Jr.

  • James H. Reid

  • Milton I. Stills'

  • Aston L. Thompson

  • James M. Turner

  • James Wales

After a two-year hiatus during 1979 and 1980, Zeta Nu Lambda was revived on November 6th, 1981, under the leadership of Bros. Malcolm L. Champion, Alfred Crawford, Rupert Crawford, Norman Dowe, James Hall, Barney Hendley, and Paul Stevens. With this revitalization, the chapter enjoyed an increase in membership and participation in community affairs, including a scholarship program, tutorial services, the annual donation of Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to the needy, tennis parties, and voter registration drives.

The chapter was de-chartered in the early 2000's after several years of financial inactivity. In 2003, Bro. Kevin S. Turner began efforts to reactivate the chapter. Meetings were held at Union County College in Plainfield. In 2004, Bros. Thomas R. Hughes, Sr., Vassar L. Greene, and Allan McPherson assisted Bro. Turner in his efforts to get the chapter re-chartered. District Director and State President, Bro. Jimmie Holmes also played an important role in these efforts. On July 23rd, 2008, Zeta Nu Lambda Chapter was re-chartered.

A re-chartering ceremony was held in January of 2009, at Shiloh Baptist Church, in Plainfield. Bro. Zollie Stevenson was the presiding officer representing the General Office. The first president of the re-chartered Zeta Nu Lambda was Bro. Kevin S. Turner, Vice President, Bro. Thomas R. Hughes, Sr.; Treasurer, Bro. Scott Nelson; Secretary, Bro. Jean-Paul Lacon. 

Since the chapter's re-chartering, Zeta Nu Lambda has several significant programs and activities, which include Thanksgiving baskets for needy families. The chapter now partners with the local government of Plainfield and the Plainfield Board of Education to bring programs such as Project Alpha, Go To High School Go To College, Stock Market Challenge, Essentials of Social Etiquette, Clean the Queen, and Adopt-A-Block to the children and citizens of Plainfield and the greater Union County area. 

Zeta Nu Lambda Chapter, of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., continues to contribute existing as well as new exciting programs to help the community and to live our aims of manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind.

For a brief history of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. click this link:

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